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SSPC Thames Meander 2022

After a 2 year hiatus due to Covid, SSPC were able to run the meander this year

Skiffer's who are enrolled into the Official SSPC Thames Meander Club after completing all 4 days.

John Graham (SSPC)
Paul Neat (SSPC)
Trevor Jackson (SSPC)
Simon Angel (SSPC)
Phil Heiton (SSPC)
Chris Ramsey (TVSC)
Maxine Sells (SSPC)
Elisa Attwood (SSPC)
Dawn Baker (TVSC)
Faithe Cockroft (SSPC)
Amanda Boot (SSPC)
Jocelyn Sermon (SSPC)
Steve Dobson (SSPC)


Jon Titchener (SSPC) 2d
Juliette Curran (SSPC) 2d
Chris Morris (SSPC) 2d
Jenny Elam (SSPC) 2d

Meander Start 2022_edited.jpg
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