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SSPC Thames Meander 2018

2018 Merit Award 

Faithe Cockroft  - First Female SSPC Member to complete full distance

Skiffer's who are enrolled into the Official SSPC Thames Meander Club after completing all 4 days.

John Graham (SSPC)

Mary Sherry (SSPC)

Paul Neat (SSPC)

Rachel Mason (SSPC)

Trevor Jackson (SSPC)
Anne-Marie Cowling (SSPC)

Jenny Elam (SSPC)

Faithe Cockroft (SSPC)
Chris Morris (SSPC)

Tom Sutton (SSPC)

Salih Hassan (TVSC)

Chris Ramsay (TVSC)

John Scarth (DSPC)

Steve Myhill (WSPC)


 Zak Beharie (SSPC) 2d
Simon Angel (SSPC) 1d
Emily Neat (SSPC) 1d
Emma Elam (SSPC) 1d

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