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SSPC - Four Feisty Females

Team fundraising for Cruse Bereavement Support

Event: The Great River Race, on September 16, 2023

On September 16th a group of ladies from the Sunbury Skiff & Punting Club will be doing the Great River Race.

The Great River Race is London’s River Marathon. It’s a spectacular boat race covering 21.6 miles from Millwall in the East to Richmond in the West, travelling under London’s famous bridges. The fastest time is just over 2 hours.

Of course it is an exciting prospect, but also quite daunting. 21.6 miles is a very long way to go in an old wooden skiff. The seats are hard, there is little room, and there will be 4 of us (Monica, Jocelyn, Jenny and Christiane) in a small space, one cox, one passenger and two rowers (we will be rotating every half an hour). The rowers will be battling the river traffic, the waves and no doubt exhaustion (not to mention blisters in places you would never think you can get blisters!!). But what will be spurring us on is to know that we are going through this pain in order to raise awareness for Cruse Bereavement, a charity helping people of all ages to get through the pain of losing a loved one. It doesn’t matter how long you have been grieving. If you can’t cope, you need help. Cruse offers a helpline run by volunteers. For more information have a look at

If you feel you can help spur on the Four Feisty Females, then your support would be so much appreciated.

Wish us luck and we will report back in October.

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